Gemesnya Punya Pacar Bule

Kezzie: Do u feel offended ‘bcoz your close friend might be like that? Maybe that woman without veil, or else, act lousy and cause u to defense them??

Gw: No, you are now asking some stupid question.. I really don’t understand what are you saying, now. I said before, you mistreated me, Kez, please lets don’t start it, I’m tired keep arguing like this..

Kezzie: Aahh, but your word is about that

Gw: What words?

Kezzie: I open skype now! What mean “boyz got no brain??”

Gw: O C’mon, that’s not for you, honey..

Kezzie: that’s your typical style! You always like this!

Gw: Okay that’s it! You keep pointing at me! I’m done with this..

Kezzie: Gosh! You always react before have enough explanation from me!

Gw: But you did not giving me enough space to explain!

Kezzie: The trigger?? Geez, trigger would be different with explanation!

Gw: I’m tired of arguing!

Kezzie: Then?

Gw: I need Ice cream.[]
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